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Friday, 22 March 2013

Confirmed: Duck for new series return and clarification

The next series of Thomas & Friends is to herald the return of an old friend in the form of Duck.

The Great Western tank engine will be appearing in Season Seventeen, some five years after his four appearances in the Twelfth Series.

His return status was signaled when a new promotional photo of himself began being shown in a gallery of Sodor engines at Japan's Hara Model Railway Museum in Yokohama.

SiF have also confirmed the news on their facebook page. A preview DVD of five episodes called Railway Mischief is to be released in the US next month.

The brand new seventeenth series of Thomas & Friends airs this Autumn.

Railway Mischief from Lionsgate Entertainment hits US DVD shelves on April 9th 2013 only at Walmart.


  1. will duck be in one of those episodes from railway mischief?

    1. Just wait and find out when it comes out.

  2. i hope so, as well, yo. the suspense is killing me.

  3. How does a render of unconfirmed origin prove anything?

    It could be a simple nitrogen mock up and be rather old.

    We have no idea when it was made, and as such I find it rather sensationalist to use it as "proof" that duck is set to return in S17. If he does, this is not proof of it, just as if he doesnt, this is not to build anyone's hopes up.

  4. Just because the copyright is 2013 on the picture, and the fact that, at least to me, the rendering of Duck looks like from Arc, I'm gonna presume he will be in S17. Also since way before the CGI series actually aired in 2010, I remember someone from HIT commenting that Duck is a fan favorite and would return between seasons 17 and 20 (this fact was also on the TTTE Wikia.)

    However, I do agree with some points here: we need actual proof that Duck will appear IN this 17th season, the picture MIGHT not actually turn out to be enough...especially if this was Nitrogen made, and before Arc took over (but, I think Mr. Brenner is planning a lot of surprises for the upcoming seasons, and Duck is probably one... :P)

  5. My issue is not with whether or not arc or nitrogen produced this picture, its the sensationalist reporting which apparently makes this PROOF that Duck will return in S17 and this is now somehow confirmed with nothing to back it up!

    Also, quoting the wikia as a source is just as bad really because the majority of whats on there is unreliable at best.

    The copyright saying 2013 means nothing, all that means is they applied to copyright the picture then, because thats when they used it. It has potentially no reflection on when it was made.

    Again I will say it, Duck may return in s17, he may not, but that will be completely unconnected to this picture, I would bet money on that.

  6. Well, since SiF has the announcement on their Facebook, I'm gonna lean towards yes for S17.

  7. The same applies, SiF has no more validity, and I say that as a staff member!

  8. @TWBTheWeeklyBrick, Hit Entertainment did in fact say that Duck would return as he is a fan favourite, via an email to me. Tttewikia never gave me the credit for it either, but they did say this.

  9. More proof:
    Take-n-Play Duck is announced for about 1 or 2 months later!
    Anyways, where would Duck live without Tidmouth Sheds?