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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'King of the Railway: The Movie' new trail on YouTube

The second official trailer of King of the Railway: The Movie has appeared online on YouTube.

Uploaded by Shining23, the latest scenes from the new special can be seen on the US Go Go Thomas! DVD which was released earlier this week.

Highlights include Percy, Thomas and James' triple header, Gordon and Spencer meeting Connor and Caitlin, Stephen almost derailing at the Blue Mountain Quarry, the rest of the Steam Team and Hiro cameoing.

However, viewing criticism on Arc Productions' animation has yet to be changed with the majority branding the CGI unfinished.

King of the Railway: The Movie premieres in the UK, US, Germany and Australia from this September.


  1. I'm with the majority - I'm pretty sure the animation is unfinished

  2. iT JUST angers me that they'd release unfinished footage for a trailer - especially on a DVD. I know the footage isn't the main feature of said release, but still...

    It's also frustratingh that I STILL have NO idea what the film's about!

    1. The animation is finished. Why do so many people rant about something which in truth is already completed?

  3. I don't know if the footage is unfinished or not but I'm not judging the movie until September