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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

'Gone Fishing' for 'Spills & Thrills' DVD and Take-n-Play

Season 17 episode Gone Fishing has been revealed to feature in an upcoming US DVD.

The story, which has aired in the US and Australia, brought back Harvey the Crane Engine in his first major role since his introduction in 2002's Harvey to the Rescue.

Inspired by the character's comeback role, Harvey's Heavy Hauler is to be released as a Take-n-Play pack. Its description reveals the 2013 episode's inclusion in the Spills & Thrills US DVD and its original title.
As seen in the "Harvey's Hook" episode on the Spills & Thrills DVD, Harvey is delivering a spinning lathe to the Dieselworks.

Along the way he drops the cargo and wood chips fly everywhere! Includes Harvey, two cargo cars, a spinning lathe tool and a wood chips accessory piece that clips onto Harvey's face.

Also due is Ben & the Cement Canyon which sees one of the China Clay twin engines re-introduced for the die-cast range.

This toy is based on the character from Thomas & Friends, and encourages the development of gross motor skills, as well as sensory and thinking skills. It also encourages imaginative play.

Spills & Thrills is coming soon to US DVD from Lionsgate Entertainment.

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