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Friday, 8 November 2013

Thomas named 34th greatest kids show by Channel 5

Thomas & Friends has been voted the 34th greatest kids TV show in a new UK TV poll.

The franchise, represented by remastered clips of Edward and Gordon and Thomas, Percy and the Dragon, took the spot in Channel 5's three hour 50 Greatest Kids Shows countdown, which aired on November 8th.

Blue Peter was eventually awarded the top spot. Veteran presenter of itv's Tiswas and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Chris Tarrant, questioned the signing of Ringo Starr as the first storyteller.
I wonder at what point you go, " I know who we'll get to be the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine, let's ring Ringo Starr! And also I wonder at what point he went, "That's a great idea, I'll do that".

Phillip Schofield of This Morning fame and former CBBC presenter meanwhile mocked The Fat Controller; I don't know, are you allowed to say The Fat Controller anymore? Probably not. I bet health and safety would stop that.

They'd be outraged at that, you probably can't say that. The Overweight Controller, The Controller with Food Issues.
However, some viewers were frustrated at the show's ranking. @HollowSte tweeted, Top 50 kids tv shows ever and Thomas the tank engine is only at 34? And bunker grove (Byker Grove) is higher? Absolute disgrace!

@JamieCharnley95 followed withOutraged that Thomas the tank engine is 34th, while @roaddoGCaliG was more supportive; Thomas the Tank Engine = Greatest Cartoon Ever!!

Sooty, another long-running children's TV stalwart, ended up 42nd with Basil Brush in 35th and Teletubbies at 23. Thomas was previously 26th in a similar poll run by Channel 4 in 2001 for their 100 Greatest Kids Shows programme.

1 comment:

  1. That placement is outrageous and all of you at Channel 5 can suck it for those rude remarks! Along with Friendship is Magic, Thomas & Friends is the greatest kids' show of all time!