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Thursday, 20 February 2014

China Clay Works returning in 'Tale of the Brave' movie

The China Clay Works are to return to the series in the next special, Tale of the Brave.

The feature-length special for 2014 is to use the location after last being seen in the Fifth Series and was formally teased in its trailer.
Its comeback was confirmed at Toy Fair 2014 in New York, where the Wooden Railway product Thomas' Fossil Run utilises the Works now referred to as the Sodor Clay Pits.

Parenting site Growing Your Baby, who were present at the event, explained the practicalities of the set in a YouTube video; This is a beautiful set, very elaborate. Its got some lovely decals, multiple levels, 360 degrees of play.

We have Thomas at the Sodor Clay Pits, this is one of the key iconic locations from the tentpole [movie].

We're calling out those tentpole items by highlighting those locations that are actually in the tentpole to differentiate them from the other items.

Thanks to Oliver267Studio for the alert.

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