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Monday, 17 February 2014

Thomas Wooden Railway range earns dedicated website

The Thomas Wooden Railway line is to receive its own dedicated website later this year.

The upcoming portal will house offers and details from the range customised train sets and personalised engines.
A product catalogue and a mail subscribed Data Transfer Catalogue are to coincide with the website's launch in the summer. A new Sodor Story collection featuring four engine and book sets are also for creation.

The push, taking the range into bigger territory, was agreed between Hit Entertainment, Mattel and Fisher Price at the start of February.

Fisher Price's Executive Vice President for Global Brands, Geoff Walker, spoke of the move.

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway originally launched through the specialty channel, giving the brand both heritage and equity as a premium franchise.

That, along with the property's rich storytelling, presented Mattel with an opportunity to drive both direct-to-consumer product sales, as well as generate incremental mainline product sales by diversifying distribution.

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