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Monday, 26 July 2010

Facts and Trivia of the S1-11 boxset

I recieved my boxset of the complete Seasons 1-11 on Friday 23rd July 2010, here are some facts and trivia that reveals mistakes, changes and new additions to the boxset.
  1. All 11 DVD's start with the Hit Entertainment ident, then the 65th Anniversary trailer is played out, followed by a title card with a blue background, the Thomas & Friends logo from 2001-2008, below is the Flange BQ font reading THE COMPLETE SERIES (then number), finally reaching the menu that is the same as the S8-10 DVD's with clips played out in the middle for the series described. The episode selection pages remain the same apart from the appropriate series clips played for each episode.
  2. On the Series One and Three discs, when you reach the main menu, the clips played out for both series are restored, expect the episodes when viewed aren't.
  3. On the Series Two disc, on the main menu, while clips are played, two from the episode Cows are slightly pixilated, although this does not happen when you view the episode.
  4. On the Series Four disc, the main menu dosen't play clips from random episodes of the Fourth Series, instead it plays clips from only one episode, Henry and the Elephant.
  5. The episodes for the early series (S1-3) are not restored. They are the same prints from the originally released Classic Collection DVD's a few years ago, meaning that the Thomas & Friends logo appears from the Seventh Series DVD and onwards.
  6. For the Classic Series (S1-7), the main menu and all the episode selection pages have the original Thomas the Tank Engine title theme from 1984-2003.
  7. For the New Series (S8-11), the main menu has the title theme from 2004-2006, but starts with the very whistle that features on almost all of Hit's Thomas DVD's, which started with The Great Discovery.
  8. On all of the main menu's, two scenes from Season Eight's Thomas Saves the Day are used. Thomas' whsitle peeping at the beginning then a close-up of Thomas in the countryside with Annie and Clarabel, then the series clips are played.
  9. Episodes that were renamed for the original Season Six release a few years back have now been corrected to their original titles. Buffer Bother previously was Bill and Ben's Excellent Adventure, It's Only Snow was Trouble for Thomas and Jack Jumps In had Jack Goes to Work.
  10. The DVD cases are half the length of an ordinary DVD case.
  11. The duration for all the 11 discs is 2215 minutes approximately.
  12. Subtitles are included on all 11 discs.
  13. The covers on each of the series go as follows, 
  • Series One - Season Eight promo image of Thomas near a station.
  • Series Two - Season Nine image of Edward and Thomas at the Docks from Saving Edward. Thomas eyes are altered to look forward, rather than looking at Edward.
  • Series Three - Season Eight promo image of Thomas and Henry.
  • Series Four - The Great Discovery image of Thomas and Gordon at Bluff's Cove Junction. Thomas face is altered to his happy face, rather than his upset face.
  • Series Five - Season Eight promo image of James and Thomas. Thomas' eyes are altered to look forward, rather than looking at James.
  • Series Six - Season Seven promo image of Percy and Thomas.
  • Series Seven - Season Eight promo image of Thomas and Toby. Thomas' eyes are looking forward, rather than looking at Toby.
  • Series Eight - Season Eight promo image of Emily and Thomas under a small bridge, while Bertie is on the bridge, his face cannot be seen.
  • Series Nine - Rarely seen Season Eleven promo image of Percy, Thomas and James in an autumn countryside. Their faces have been brightened slightly.
  • Series Ten - Season Eleven image of Rosie and Thomas at the coal yards from Hector the Horrid. Thomas' face is altered with his happy face while his eyes are looking at you, rather than his upset face.
  • Series Eleven - Season Seven promo image of Thomas and Spencer.

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