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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Merry Winter Wish - More details

WalMart have released details on the Merry Winter Wish DVD that is possibly going to feature Season Fourteen episodes

Although at 50 minutes (10 minutes shorter than the 60 minute specials), the DVD is specially produced for the winter season but might have new Season Fourteen episodes as the description sounds as if 3 of the stories are featured.

Thomas has a special delivery for the season - the Star of Knapford, a festive light that makes wishes come true! Celebrate the holiday season with Thomas - from building snowmen, preparing holiday surprises, and celebrating a Misty Island Christmas party. The more friends the merrier, so join the fun and see that winter wishes do come true with Thomas & Friends

Extras include a Sir Topham Hatt's Frosty Friend game, English, French and Spanish dubbed audio and is presented in full 4:3 frame.
I think it's from the new series...
Merry Winter Wish hits US DVD shelves on October 12th 2010.


  1. My suspicions are right - Misty Island is now a recurring area on Sodor.

  2. You mean a recurring area to be feature with Sodor, not on Sodor... LOL ;)

  3. will there be a trailer, in regards to this movie?