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Saturday, 24 July 2010

New US DVD - Merry Winter Wish

Lionsgate are to release a new Thomas DVD called Merry Winter Wish, which has proved suspicious.
As of now, no information on the DVD is available other than it runs at 50 minutes duration. Fans have guessed that it is either a new Season Fourteen release, a compilation, or even a new special. I think that it is a mini Christmas special as the artwork on the cover looks specially produced, and that it is not 60 minutes, although I am irked that it might be a compilation of episodes.

I really hope it's a new mini-special, even the return of a character who is ready to cause havoc as revealed as the ending for Misty Island Rescue.

Merry Winter Wish hits US DVD shelves on October 12th 2010.


  1. That looks awesome. I hope D10 will be in this one causing a havoc during Christmas. I do hope UK and AUS will get this.

  2. It seems too short for a special, but I do hope that happens.

  3. Remember, running time includes opening and end titles, so 57 mins. may just be the special itself, not including the credits.
    Also, HiT once said that S13 eps onward would be 10 mins long. But they're only 8:45 .