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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Another pic from 'The Missing Coach' found

A fourth picture from the cancelled Season Two episode The Missing Coach has emerged.

YouTuber SteamTeam3211 found the image in a supposed book that was on ebay. The image depicts Duck with either Donald or Douglas at Tidmouth Station, confirming that Duck was also going to appear in the episode.

The episode was cancelled halfway through shooting as TV Series Creator Britt Allcroft thought that the episode was too compilcated for children to understand. As of now, no footage has emerged although 4 pictures have, including this one.

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  1. my son is 7 and has been a Thomas enthusiast since he received his first Thomas as a gift at age 1 - he doesn't want to wear his Thomas costume this year - he thinks is 2nd grade classmates will laugh at him - do you know why Thomas is marketed only for preschoolers?