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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

MIR UK DVD/book, new trailer and another returnee

Play.com have added a new trailer onto their Misty Island Rescue DVD product page, which is the new UK Thomas commercial.
Well known UK based voice actor Gary Martin, who is known for voicing such characters like the Honey Monster and Epideme from Red Dwarf, voices the new 20 second commercial which features more scenes from the film.

The DVD comes with a free book of the special looking similar to the US book and is likely to be a non-Play.com offer, as Hero of the Rails DVD's last year had a poster for free for anyone who purchased it.
Finally on a closer inspection of the trailer, at the end, a birds-eye view shot shows the engines with Ferdinand and Captain at the Search and Rescue Center.

Looking very carefully on my HD laptop, I can confirm that Butch returns to the series who is seen next to Bertie who also makes an appearance. Rocky also cameos in the shot, who has a role in the special and Victor can be seen in the Steamworks during a scene with Ferdinand.

Misty Island Rescue hits UK DVD shelves on October 11th 2010.


  1. TheMagicEngine confirmed Butch was in MIR like a week ago..guess he was right :D

  2. :0 this is awesome in my book that there returning butch into the series and even with a face!!!! no all we can hope for is that he has at least a small roles and a speaking part because he so common but so uncommon in ways he been underapriciated the WHOLE series since he came in

    p. s. i am part of the group of people who want to see Annie and Clarabel speak :)