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Thursday, 19 August 2010

MIR/HOTR Aussie cover revealed

The cover for the Australian Misty Island Rescue/Hero of the Rails double pack has been revealed by ezydvd.

Thomas is mainly on the cover with both movie's logos along with the tagline, Double Movie Collection. The description's for both specials have also been updated:
Contains both feature length specials in stunning CGI animation!

Misty Island Rescue:
When his friend Diesel gets into a fix, Thomas sets out to rescue him. He succeeds but subsequently ends up lost on remote Misty Island. Luckily for Thomas, a new set of train pals emerges to help him find his way home. Meanwhile, out on the deep, blue sea, Harold the Helicopter and Captain the Lifeboat are leading a search party to determine what in the world has become of their favorite locomotive.

Hero of the Rails:
For nearly 65 years, Thomas & Friends has been taking young children on fun adventures around the Island of Sodor. But Thomas and his friends have their biggest adventure yet later this year when they are spectacularly brought to life using groundbreaking computer animation (CGI) in the beautifully crafted ‘Hero of the Rails’ feature length special. Watch the residents of the Island of Sodor become fully animated with the ability to talk with their own unique voices, truly bringing them to life as never before!

Misty Island Rescue/Hero of the Rails - Double Movie Collection is released in Australia as a 2-disc set on Thursday 30th September 2010.

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