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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bill and Ben series returns poised in CGI promo shots

Bill and Ben are on course for imminent returns to the TV Series after new shots of them emerged online.

The China Clay Twins have together been absent from the show since the 11th Series episode Hector the Horrid, although Ben went onto appear in Season 12's Gordon Takes a Shortcut.

In an unknown Japanese book detailing characters on Sodor, the twins are presented in their CGI forms in new promotional shots.

Duck was teased to be in the 17th Series before he made a comeback in Henry's Hero.

The remaining 16 episodes are due for broadcast on the UK's Channel 5 milkshake! in October.


  1. Fantastic!!! It's about time!! I am guessing it will be a cameo like Duck's role, but regardless, it's better than nothing!

    1. One can only hope that they're returning, so the likes of Bash & Dash will be written out of the series completely. I'm hoping for a CGI picture of BoCo now!!

  2. I don't think this came as a surprise to anyone after Andrew Brenner stated that they were his favourite characters! Really delighted that they're coming back!

  3. I like the CGI design of Bill and Ben and its no surprise of them making a comeback as they are Andrew Brenner's favourites. My guess they might have an episode to themselves or they'll have a cameo unlike Duck's ten second appearance.

  4. I figured that those two engines will make a comeback. =)

  5. Ah, beautiful.
    I hope there will eventually be more where that came from. Like the Scottish twins and the GWR 14xx and his Brake Van.