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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hit Entertainment denies Shane Acker film comments

A comment reportedly made by Shane Acker over his Thomas the Tank Engine film cancellation has been denied by Hit Entertainment.

In Deadline's article initially publicising the film's creation, a comment over the project's status read; Actually, we have cancelled the film due to a lack of interest. Sorry to disappoint! The author's name was Shane Acker.
Disappoint was met with the fanbase, although some questioned whether the source was official or not. Another comment posted this week however came from the same source, leading to fans branding it suspicious.

Sorry for the disappointment. My comment was posted over 5 months ago. We decided to continue with the film as planned, and scheduled release is in October of 2015.

As a little teaser, fans can expect some long awaited returns and the introduction of a very “devious” diesel. Also, Kelsey Grammar and Jack Nicholson have agreed to sign on to the project! Regards, Shane.

Hit Entertainment's public relations have now denied the accusations in an email presented by SiF's lead moderator, Ryan.

To the best of our knowledge, there has been no definitive confirmation on the project's status (Thomas Feature Film) at present. Apologies, but we do not have any more information to pass on to you.


  1. Basically we're back to square one, still none the wiser as to what's really happening.

    Does it really matter though? Why get excited over something we're all uncertain of when we have a special coming in a matter of days?

  2. So...we're back to not knowing anything.

    You gotta love Development Hell.

  3. I lost interest in this months ago. I personally believe that it's been cancelled. I know films take a long time, but surely we would have heard something by now.

  4. This is great news! I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

    This is just like any new season or movie every year. Everyone says "That sounds awful" and "This'll be terrible!" when it turns out to be amazing. That annoys the hell out of me...

    I'm one of the few fans who knows how to stay positive and not judge anything before I've seen it. I only know about a couple more, which is just sad... Just look at season 17 and King of the Railway. I always said that they'll be great (we all know KOTR will be great), so I didn't make a fool of myself saying they'll be crap when we didn't have a clue about them. I'm sure it'll be the same with this one.

    Same with Monster of Sodor. "That'll be just like Percy and the Monster of Brendam"... Have you forgotten that Andrew Brenner's writing it? Saying no more.

    1. That's exactly me.
      You can never go wrong with Andrew Brenner. ;)

  5. I'll be honest, I'm fine that its not cancelled but I've lost interest in the movie since there weren't updates for a while. Besides the DVD specials come out every year.

  6. Okay, I'm getting confused. first they say the film is canceled but not they're telling us its not? whats going on!?! why couldn't it work out like any normal movie? how about a trailer? a blog? how about anything indicating whats going on!!!

  7. To be honest I think they should just cancel the movie all together, we've been waiting years and there is very little information about what is going on. You can just tell with Shane Acker saying the movies going to be "A world of just trains" and American actors get roles that this movie just going to be so awful.

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