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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Japan for Day Out with Thomas style event in summer

Japan are to receive their own Day Out with Thomas style event for the summer of the new year.

A replica of Thomas is designated to be operating on the Oigawa Line in the district of Shizuoka Prefecture on the island of Honshu later this summer.
Rocket News 24 reports that a C11-227 steam locomotive, dressed as Thomas, will tour the railway's landscapes, taking passengers through the mountains of the Oigawa Railway.

En route from the Shinkanaya Station in Shimida, Japan's very own Hiro, in the form of a JNR Class 9600 engine, will appear at the Senzu Station terminal in Kawane-Honcho at the end of the line.

Running for a limited two months, the move is presented in conjunction with the railway and Sony Creative Products Inc., who produce Japan's range of Thomas & Friends DVDs.

Thanks to SiF for the alert.

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