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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Exclusive: 'Thomas Way' UK DVD brings format change

It has been revealed that the latest Thomas & Friends DVD for the UK has brought changes to its format.

The Thomas Way is to be released in the country this coming Monday. The title episode is joined by The Switch, Percy's Lucky Day, Calm Down, Caitlin!, The Lost Puff and Luke's New Friend.
Ahead of its launch date, Roll Along Thomas received the DVD this weekend to examine the changes.

The episodes are delivered in a 1:66:1 widescreen format as opposed to the usual original aspect ratio of 1:78:1. The conversion enables a slight loss of video quality.

The opening, closing credits and the Engine Roll Call meanwhile are removed, only ever appearing at the start and at the end of the main feature, making it more akin to current US releases.

Lastly, the billed bonus features are alternatively available to view in between episodes, with a sixth bonus feature coming in the form of a printable helpers certificate.

The Thomas Way from Hit Entertainment hits UK DVD shelves on January 27th.

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