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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Railway Series engines confirmed as new Take-n-Plays

Two engines originating from The Railway Series will be made into Take-n-Play models.

The Big City Engine and Class 40, also referred to as The Foreign Engine and D4711 respectively in the Awdry books, are next for the Fisher Price range.
They were revealed by UK toy distributor Severnside Wholesalers as two forthcoming additions to the die-cast family.

Only serving as one-offs, Big City appeared at the start of The Eight Famous Engines story Gordon Goes Foreign.

Class 40 followed in the Stepney the Bluebell Engine story Bowled Out and was later known as The Diesel in the TV Series episode of the same name. A whole host of models relating to the Tale of the Brave special are also due.

Take-n-Play Big City Engine and Class 40 hit UK and US toy shelves in March.

Thanks to Jamesfan143 and Hawk01 for the alerts.

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