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Monday, 16 September 2013

'Toy Train in Space' re-do promotes Portuguese Thomas

Popular YouTube video A Toy Train in Space has been remade for Portuguese audiences in a new commercial.

Promoting the country's dubbed version of Thomas & Friends for Canal 5, the TV spot sees a young boy upset at losing his Wooden Railway Thomas after a paper round launches the model from a see-saw to the boy's home roof.

Sharing the child's feelings overnight, the toy eventually lands back on to the ground after a storm looms. Uploaded by the Thomas e Seus Amigos YouTube, the trailer takes inspiration from Ron Fugelseth's A Toy Train in Space video.
Both Ron and his son Jayden along with their Stanley model became stars in the media and on television when the now four million hits viewed clip reached viral status around the world.

Meanwhile, the brand's foray in Mexico has elected Hit Entertainment to bring the show to newer audiences, with actress Galilea Montijo fronting the push.

My son Mateo loves Thomas, and when I was invited to be part of this project, I immediately said yes, she said.

Thomas and Friends is not only about fun but also about its stores that are full of positive messages and values for our kids, like friendship, teamwork and that we are all capable of achieving great things.

Thanks to Hawk01 and SiF for the alerts.

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