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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Exclusive: 'The Pack' spinoff originally 26 episodes long

Jack and the Pack was initially perceived to be a full 26 episode series, it has been revealed.

The spinoff series, which entered UK and US DVD releases from 2006 to 2008, ran for 13 stories and continued the Sodor construction team's adventures with new members introduced.

It was subsequently confirmed that more stories were to have been made. Roll Along Thomas can exclusively reveal that the spinoff was intended to run for 26 installments, from information received by a former production member.

Jack and the Pack: Series One was originally meant to be 26 episodes, said the anonymous subject. Meanwhile, the summaries and details of some of the lost scripts have never been publicly released, till now.
Bossy Byron, by Paul Larson: When Kelly is sent for repairs, Byron puts himself in charge and starts to boss all the other machines about. Eventually he learns that if he wants the others to take notice of him, he will have to ask more nicely in the future. Byron is happy when Kelly returns, he was finding it hard to be nice.

Characters include; Byron, Jack, Alfie, Patrick, Miss Jenny, Max and Monty. Kelly does not have a speaking role. In the original draft of the script, Kelly has dialogue and Isobella also appears. The original storyline revolved around the Pack building a playground and Byron complaining about the other machines not taking their work seriously.

At Miss Jenny's request, Byron learns that you can work and have fun at the same time. Working titles included 'All Work, No Play' and 'Seriously, Folks'.
Pop Goes the Diesel, by Paul Larson: Max and Monty tell Isobella that Miss Jenny will soon get rid of the steam-powered vehicles in favour of diesel-powered ones. Isobella tries to ignore Max and Monty but fears there may be some truth in what they are saying. One evening, the fuel man visits the yard with some fresh new fuel.

The fuel makes all of the diesel-powered vehicles backfire which they find fun at first until they break down. Someone needs to fetch more fuel and Isobella agrees to go but not before getting Max and Monty to admit that steam-powered vehicles are the best.

That night, she admits to Max and Monty that steam and diesel vehicles are equals and under their paintworks, they are all trucks after all. Characters include; Isobella, Max, Monty and Jack. Miss Jenny is mentioned a few times. The plot is similar to Mud Glorious Mud and may even have been adapted into that episode.
The Importance of Being Patrick: Patrick feels he is being taken for granted. The band are constructing an ornemantal garden around the famous Sodor bandstand which is set to be opened by the mayor the following day. After work is complete, Miss Jenny gets a frantic phonecall about holes in a concrete path. Patrick remembers an old recipe Miss Jenny's father had told him for quick-drying cement.

Patrick and his driver make up the cement and it is poured into the path. The next day, the oversized mayor arrives to cut the ribbon and as he is about to step on the path everyone gasps wondering if the mayor and his considerable weight will sink.

Luckily, true to Patrick's word, the cement is rock hard. Patrick had saved the day. Characters include; Oliver, Kelly, Jack, Alfie, Patrick, Isobella, Buster, Byron and Miss Jenny. This episode was set in the spring.
Jack and the Quack: The Maithwaite village pond is home to a family of ducks which the children love to feed. The pond is in need of dredging so Jack is assigned to enter the pond and scoop out silt. Jack is over-enthusiastic and damages the bottom of the pond. All of the water drains away and the ducks disappear. Jack is ever so disappointed and asks to stay behind after work to look for the ducks. He looks everywhere and soon falls asleep.

Overnight, a summer storm breaks out. When Jack wakes in the morning, he is surprised to see the family of ducks have found a new home in his rain-filled scoop. Characters include; Jack, Alfie, Isobella, Nelson, Miss Jenny and Patrick.
Alfie Has a Secret: A new school crossing is being built. Jack is surprised to see Alfie at the site, after all, they don't need any trenches dug. Alfie will not tell Jack or Isobella what his job is. As the day progresses, Jack and Isobella watch Alfie drilling and then digging a trench across the road. Alfie then lays a pipe in the trench and puts up a small sign with a picture of a hedgehog on it.

Alfie had been building a crossing for the hedgehogs while Jack and Isobella had made one for the children. Now everyone can cross the road safely. Characters include; Alfie, Jack, Isobella, Kelly and Nelson. Kelly's Heroes: No summary available.
Isobella Gets Steamed: Isobella is jealous of the fun Jack and Alfie have when she is off-site. When it's time for the harvest festival, the vicar's tractor engine breaks down. Who can pull the float with the choir on it now? Isobella can, but she doesn't want to go off-site and miss out on all the fun.

But when she gets to the street and sees all of the people, she realises that she is having fun and that fun is what you make it. Characters include; Jack, Alfie and Isobella. This episode is set in the summer.
Jack and Alfie Swap: On a demolition site, everyone is extremely busy except for Alfie who spends all day digging. He is jealous and asks if he can swap jobs with Jack who spends the day flitting about on the site. The next day Jack spends the day continuously digging and Alfie, now doing Jack's job, clatters from one side of the site to the other all day long. He gets exhausted.

Jack enjoys his break but becomes restless. That night, Jack asks Alfie if they can switch back, but exhausted Alfie is already asleep! Characters include; Jack, Alfie, Oliver, Byron, Ned and Isobella. This episode is set in the summer. Working titles included 'Freaky Friday' and 'The Grass is Greener'.

Thanks to SteamTeam.


  1. I would have liked to see The Importance of Being Patrick; Patrick was really underdeveloped in the final/official carnation of the series.

  2. It would've been awesome to see these episodes made. Maybe they might now that Andrew Brenner's in charge of Thomas now...

  3. I wish they would have made these episodes.

  4. They might make them sometime soon. Andrew Brenner stated that he has been working on this series since 2010