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Thursday, 19 September 2013

'The Thomas Way' US DVD cover and content revealed

Upcoming Season 17 US DVD, The Thomas Way has had its cover published by dvdempire.

The release is the third in line to contain stories from the 2013 series after Railway Mischief and October's Santa's Little Engine.

Multiple characters appear on the front cover, with Thomas joined by Percy, Gordon, Caitlin, Duck and Harold hovering overhead.

From the description, the title episode, The Switch, Percy's Lucky Day, Calm Down, Caitlin and The Lost Puff are included on the disc. Luke's New Friend serves as a bonus story alongside Guess Who? and Lift & Load Crane game.
Join Thomas and Friends for five all-new, exciting adventures! When Harold breaks down, Thomas and Duck are asked to take him for repairs but Thomas has something more fun in mind which only leads to trouble.

Luke and Millie switch jobs for a day and quickly learn how much they truly like their own work. Percy is having a bad day and feeling very unlucky but when a friend gives him a lucky charm, he thinks things might turn around.

Caitlin is excited to spend the night on Sodor that she doesn't let the engines get any rest so they find jobs to keep her busy through the night without realizing that she doesn't know much about how things are done on the island.

When playful Paxton convinces Thomas to be silly and drive over some bumpy tracks, he doesn't realize that his actions will make Thomas 'lose his puff' and he scrambles across the island in an attempt to help his friend.

The Thomas Way from Lionsgate Entertainment hits US DVD shelves on December 3rd.


Thanks to MrTrainfan1000the2nd for the alert.

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