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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Exclusive: Hit confirms 'Big Bang Surprise' DVD episodes

The episodes for the Merry Winter Wish bonus disc have been confirmed for the United Kingdom.

The Christmas release was revealed this week to contain an additional DVD called Big Bang Surprise. Five episodes were teased but not named.
Hit Entertainment's marketing department has spoken to Roll Along Thomas about what stories will feature.

In answer to enquiries, the bonus disc of Merry Christmas Thomas is called Big Bang Surprise. As mentioned, it contains five episodes, and here are the episode titles.

Sodor Surprise Day, Thomas and the Sounds Of Sodor, Percy and the Calliope, Happy Birthday Sir! and Percy and the Monster Of Brendam.

The Christmas Tree Express, Ho Ho Snowman!, Salty's Surprise, Emily's Winter Party Special, Percy the Snowman and Tree Trouble star in the main release itself.

Merry Christmas Thomas!/Big Bang Surprise hits UK DVD shelves on October 28th

Thanks to Daniel Coffey.

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