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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Exclusive: Channel 5 milkshake! talks Season 17 hiatus

Channel 5 milkshake! have spoken about their reasoning behind the UK airing of Season 17.

The 2013 series began broadcasting on the channel on June 3rd with ten episodes across two weeks before taking a break on the 17th.

Another five episodes then continued the run from September 30th for one week only after King of the Railway had debuted in Vue cinemas and on DVD.

Speaking to Roll Along Thomas, the milkshake! team revealed why the series didn't enjoy a consistent airing; The new Thomas episodes have not been confirmed in the schedules at milkshake! yet.

You are quite correct there was a hiatus occurrence as we tied the new Thomas episodes in with a [Super Special Thomas] themed week here on milkshake!

Watch this space for more information about new up and coming episodes of Thomas!

The series is scheduled to make a brief return on November 5th with Too Many Fire Engines tie-ing in with Guy Fawkes Night.

Season 17 of Thomas & Friends in the UK returns for one day only on November 5th on Channel 5 milkshake! at 7:35am, with the episode Too Many Fire Engines.

1 comment:

  1. At least they're being honest.
    Thank goodness I have ABC2 to rely on for the rest of these episodes. =P