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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New character teased on Thomas Japan website blog

The Thomas & Friends Japanese website has posted an image of a new character on its blog.

Promoting Series 17 on the country's television network NHK, a collage featuring promo shots of Stephen, Connor, Caitlin and Millie is included in the post.
Beside Millie is a screenshot of an unknown dark green engine from an unknown episode placed at The Docks.

A summary of the new series' debut in the country translates as the following; New series starts broadcasting from Sunday, October 06, 2013. Fellow debuts Stephen, Millie, Connor, Caitlin, and Porter appear.

It is speculated that the upcoming character may either appear in the latest series or in the next Series 18 and its assisting special.

Series 17 of Thomas & Friends marks its Japanese premiere on NHK on October 6th with the episodes Steamie Stafford and Gordon Runs Dry.

Thanks to TheRollingThunder for the alert.

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