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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

'Sticky Situations' DVD heads Down Under for Christmas

Sticky Situations is to proceed towards Australia for a DVD release in time for the Christmas season.

Originating from the UK, the episodes Stuck On You, Spencer the Grand, Gordon and Ferdinand and Charlie and Eddie are to remain on the disc.

It will run for a run time of 66 minutes as opposed to the UK's main 70 minute duration.
The description reads; The engines on the Island of Sodor find themselves in some sticky and slippery situations! Thomas and Butch are stuck in a bind when they don't fully listen to directions.

Spencer gets lost in the fog but learns he can actually be Spencer the Helpful.

Gordon must swallow his pride after dropping the Lion of Sodor in the mucky muddy river and Edward shows Charlie there's a time to be Really Fun and a time to be Really Useful.

All aboard for fun-filled tales as friends help each other through all kinds of sticky situations!

Sticky Situations from ABC for Kids hits Australian DVD shelves on December 4th.

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