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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mr. Perkins railway sketches start airing on PBS Kids

DVD character Mr. Perkins made his television debut on American television's PBS this week.

The popular interactive guide of the Watch with Mr. Perkins sketches on UK and US releases, returned for new scenes set on the South Tyndale Railway and and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.
The character, this time, educates viewers on the workings of engines and railways, in a similar vein to the Down at the Station skits.

Providing linking and on-camera narration, actor Ben Forster is also seen riding an engine sharing the same prototype as Millie.

Lighting Cameraman Ben Jones spoke to Roll Along Thomas in July about the new scenes and filming the aforementioned sequence; We filmed one sequence where Mr. Perkins drives away from the station, waving to the camera.

It looks like the camera is on a bridge and the train is about to pass under it, however, its actually at the end of the line and so the train had to stop as soon as it left the bottom of frame.

Title music from Gordon and Ferdinand and Percy and the Calliope were used in Mr. Perkins' Railway.

Season 17 of Thomas & Friends is currently airing weekdays on PBS Kids.

1 comment:

  1. These sketches are far better than the earlier ones. They get more into detail about teaching children specific subjects, and don't feel like you're just watching the same sketch with a different name.