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Saturday, 29 March 2014

'Thomas in Charge!' DVD to arrive for late Australia

Animated Series DVD Thomas in Charge! is to make way for a late release in Australia.

The disc originally holding two Season 13 and 14 episodes each is to head Down Under almost three years after the US' and two years after the UK's debuts.
To compensate, A Blooming Mess, Henry's Good Deeds, Thomas in Charge and O the Indignity are joined by the non-released Birthday Express' episodes Double Trouble and Percy's Parcel.

The summary reads; Thomas and his friends are preparing for the Railway Inspectors visit to Knapford Station. But when the coal trucks crash covering Gordon in soot, can Thomas take charge and help straighten out the mess?

Thomas in Charge! from ABC for Kids hits Australian DVD shelves on June 11th.

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