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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Porter makes way to official website's Engine Depot

Porter the Dockside Tank Engine is the latest to be detailed on the Thomas & Friends website.

The steam engine, introduced in the 17th Season, is documented thoroughly on the official website's Engine Depot. His arrival for UK audiences is foreseen in the Spills & Thrills DVD coming late March.

Soon to be playing a role in the Tale of the Brave and seen in a few episodes of the aforementioned series, his description reveals more on his personality.
Porter works at Brendam Docks alongside Salty shunting trucks. He is a tank engine with three domes on his boiler: one steam dome and two sandboxes.

He is a kind and helpful character with a good sense of self-confidence and doesn’t worry about what other engines say about him such as calling him a "camel" because he has so many humps. "Water off a duck’s back" [he] laughs.

Porter is not above engaging in a bit of friendly dockside banter himself, but when another engine is feeling low he can be very supportive.

Porter’s easy-going manner makes him very popular. He is a hard worker, although he can be a bit of a perfectionist at times. He is also very brave and can keep his cool in a crisis.


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