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Monday, 3 March 2014

'Thomas' Shortcut' replaced in 'Spills & Thrills' AU DVD

An episode on the Spills & Thrills DVD for Australia has been replaced, it has been reported.

The Season 17 release hit Australian stores today but disappointment was met when fans spotted that several changes had been made.
Thomas' Shortcut was initially billed as a featured episode, with Season 14's Jitters and Japes instead succeeding for unknown reasons.

More so is the removal of helpings from Mr. Perkins scenes set on a railway, Who's That Engine?, The Earl's Quiz and Guess Who?, despite being played out to Hoyts cinema screenings.

The release's iTunes version however uses The Thomas Way instead of Jitters and Japes. The Thomas & Friends US website meanwhile is currently promoting the country's DVD with a themed minisite.

Spills & Thrills from ABC for Kids is out now to buy in Australia on DVD.

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