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Monday, 3 March 2014

Rare ERTL prototype and final models in ebay auction

Rare die-cast models of four characters from the Classic Series have appeared in an ebay auction online.

In a Buy it now only listing on the merchant's British site, the prototype and last ever produced ERTL models of Jack, Alfie, Fergus and Arthur are up for sale.

The four each come in their own specially made presentational tins and certificates proclaiming the proud owner of the last ever Ertl die-cast metal engine and it's prototype.
From FUJ of Scarborough, the North Yorkshire fudge shop details the history of the final products; The last six models released in 2004 were Murdoch, Arthur, Alfie, Jock, Jack and Fergus.

[RC2, ERTL owners] auctioned off the last ever models off of the production line together with their prototypes. These are the original hand made, hand painted prototypes that have passed through many hands at the factory.

The COA [Certificate of Authenticity] have the name of Robert Mann, Managing Director of RC2 printed on them, but they were actually signed by A. J. Chetwynd who was the designer.

Both Murdoch and Jock are banished from the £5,000 listing because of condition and unavailability issues.


Thanks to Adam Abrahart for the alert.

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