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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Exclusive: Studio Hansa on Thomas Innovation Institute

Animators Studio Hansa have created a short film about the Thomas & Friends brand.

The London based film and animation company released The Thomas & Friends Institute of Innovation on their website in March, with only two clips and screencaps present for public viewing.
The full film was set up to devise a way to show the developments being made with regards to the Thomas & Friends franchise whilst protecting the integrity and heritage in terms of unnecessary modernisation. 

Describing it as a distinctly British, Monty Python and Willy Wonka-esque world where all manner of research takes place, the studio were tasked by the brand's current producers.

Speaking to Roll Along Thomas last month, Studio Hansa's Art Director, Gary Roberts, reaffirmed the details of the agreement.

Hit Entertainment asked us to help make a scheme to promote Thomas & Friends to commissioners and merchandising partners worldwide.

Sadly due to the confidentially of the project, everything and what's on the site is as much as we can share about the project, by all means.

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