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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Exclusive: Season 18 to air on US television in autumn

Thomas & Friends' 18th Series is set to air on PBS Kids in the US at autumn time.

The 2014 run and the second to have full CGI from Arc Productions will arrive on the American network in the fourth quarter of the year.  
Hit Entertainment confirmed the plans to Roll Along Thomas, at least reflecting recent DVD Trouble on the Tracks.

Trouble on the Tracks [was released] exclusively at Walmart in the US on April 8th with five never-before-seen episodes. The episodes on this DVD will air on PBS KIDS this autumn in the US.

A spokesperson also revealed why new episodes have been previewed from Walmart.

With the demand for Thomas content at an all-time high, we think this is a great way to give the fans an exclusive first look at new content before it airs on TV.

Thomas & Friends' 18th season marks its network premiere on PBS Kids in the US in the autumn.


  1. why isnt it shown in the uk though

    1. I think we have to wait for some further information. You know what the fanbase is like.

  2. Jeez, I hope it airs earlier in the UK and/or Australia. But I doubt it.

  3. Because it isnt done. They are still in the process of recording the lines.

  4. Hopefully by then all the other season 17 episodes will have been broadcasted on PBS...