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Saturday, 19 April 2014

'Tale' characters and sets detailed for Wooden Railway

Tale of the Brave's characters and set pieces have been detailed for Wooden Railway merchandise.

In the latest Wooden Railway Yearbook for 2014, available as a video on YouTube, the range's products reveal more on the newcomers starring in the special, starting with Timothy, confirming theories of his role.
Timothy is a cheerful little oil burning steam engine who works at the China Clay Pits. He is friendly, helpful, and loves being really useful.

Marion's too shares a similar background to Timothy; Marion will work at the China Clay Workings. She is bubbly and friendly and loves digging, talking, and talking about digging.

Gator's however identifies more on his being; Gator is a brave engine working in the high mountains whose real name is Gerald. He is nicknamed "Gator" because his long sloping water tank makes him look like an alligator!

The two spin-off packs James' Roaring Delivery and Oliver's Fossil Freight share inspiration from the special, while a plot spoiler for the Scrap Monster is amongst other incoming products and sets.

Thanks to jlouvier for the alert.

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