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Thursday, 3 April 2014

'Trouble on the Tracks' release date reverts to original

The Trouble on the Tracks US DVD from Walmart is to be released on its original date.

The Season 18 preview disc, to be exclusively available by the consumer, was presumed to have been pushed back to April 15th last month.
It has instead reverted back to its original date by a week, albeit its shipping time, mirroring its iTunes download version.

New episodes Thomas the Quarry Engine, Not So Slow Coaches, Flatbeds of Fear, Disappearing Diesels and Toad's Adventure are confirmed to appear.

Trouble on the Tracks from Lionsgate Entertainment hits US DVD shelves in Walmart stores only at the new date of April 8th.

Thanks to Bass Tbone for the alert.

1 comment:

  1. YES!
    Hopefully it'll stay this way. Only 4 days to go!