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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

'DOTD' book covers and identities revealed

Random House have released the images for the Day of the Diesels book tie-ins, revealing more on the special.

The logo for the special has been revealed on all 5 book covers showing a blue diamond at the back with a wider but herioc looking text for the special's name.

All but one of the book covers show the logo accompaining the phrases, As Seen on DVD! and The Movie.

The first cover, Day of the Diesels, shows Percy, new character Flynn the Fire Engine, Diesel, the return of Diesel 10 and Thomas supposedly by the Dieselworks.
On closer inspection by ByOnu and Christopher (Sif), The Thomas & Friends logo on the top right has a little illustration next to it reading Vicarstown Dieselworks. This possibility could bring a Railway Series station back to the series.

The second, Danger at the Dieselworks shows Flynn with Thomas, putting out a fire which is out of view.
From what I can see here, Flynn is not only a road vehicle, but look closely, you can see he has small wheels on rails, meaning that he is also an engine combined.

The third, Flynn Saves the Day is a cheery aftermath after the end of the fire at the Dieselworks.

The fourth, Rail Blazers shows Thomas and Flynn supposedly passing Maithwaite station, where Flynn is clearly on the rails.

Finally the fifth, Steam Team shows Percy, Thomas and new engine Belle who is a blue engine with firehose equipment attached to her.

The Day of the Diesels books hit UK and US book shelves starting from August 9th 2011 whilst the special will be release in fall 2011.

1 comment:

  1. the day of the deisles movie is gona b the best yet cos the guy from caling all egins reapears. im torking about the guy with the calaw. i figot his name. i fink its deisles 9 cant rememerbar lol the flyn fire guy looks cool cos he travels on the road an on traks lol cool.the belle engine not cool thouh cos its a girl and the hol calaw fing wit the guy whos name i figot is not reahlistick silly hit being a dummy. or shood i say shit thats wat the cool users cal them cos they make bad stuff like the deisle guy. my mum tolld me not to say siht cos its a bad werd so dont tell her.