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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Thomas' voice interviewed at Drayton Manor

The voice of Thomas himself, Ben Small attended Drayton Manor's celebrations for Thomas' 65th Anniversary where he was interviewed by a known YouTuber.

Chris Thomson who is ThomasPercyandToby2 on YouTube and a good friend of mine, had the chance to interview Mr. Small at the celebratory party.

In a 5 minute interview, the voice of Thomas reveals that he listened to various Johnny Morris recordings for the Railway Series and also complimented on his fellow cast members, including Michael Angelis.
Michael Angelis is still doing the narration. He gives it that seal of approval dosen't it? He's still got his classic voice on it you know. He's been you know doing it for you know so long. He's great.

Ben also spoke of the model era of Thomas, what he thought of the CGI and his opinions of fan criticism, especially concerning the future of Thomas.

You sometimes you look at things, people on YouTube and they don't like it and they say they've ruined it. I think, the things is for you guys, the guys that really really, the bigger fans, if you improve it then we're laughing really.

You can see in the video below just how dedicated the man is!

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