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Monday, 20 December 2010

'Misty Island Rescue' YouTube video dates revealed

All of the Misty Island Rescue videos that are coming to my YouTube will be available this month and in the new year.

There will be NO christmas video due to various reasons, however all 4 of the videos will be based on the 2010 special.
Here are the video's release dates:
- Misty Island Rescue - Instrumental Version
Friday 24th December 2010
- Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Music Video Remix
Friday 31st December 2010
- Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Sing-A-Long Music Video Remix
Friday 7th January 2011
- Misty Island Rescue - Theme Music Video Remix
Friday 14th January 2011 

I am still working on the theme remix video, which is another ambitious video, mainly on some of the scenes featured in the video.

I will say to everyone, you will not be dissapointed, especially on the remix and the theme videos. Promise!

The 4 Misty Island Rescue videos premiere on TheTopHatts' YouTube Channel starting from Friday 24th December 2010 to Friday 14th January 2011.

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