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Thursday, 16 December 2010

New Thomas app revealed for the iPad

Callaway Digital Arts and Hit Entertainment have released a brand new app for the iPad.
The Misty Island Rescue app based on the special of the same name features activities including read-alongs, games, puzzles, art and 1 music video.
Callaway Digital Arts Chairman and Cheif Creative Officer, Nicholas Callaway spoke of the news; This is truly the ultimate Thomas experience. The iPad is an entirely new medium and we've taken advantage of its breakthrough capabilities to create an immersive experience for play and learning. 

Our app tells the Misty Island Rescue story children already love and builds on it with interactive games, puzzles, video animation, and narration.
Senior Vice President of Global Brand Management and Digital Media for Hit Entertainment, Natasha Fishman also commented; Thomas is an experiential brand, and Misty Island Rescue for the iPad provides a unique and immersive experience that children and families will find completely new.

Combining the iPad's advanced technology and Callaway's creative and development sensibility, this app is a must-have for every Thomas fan.
The app includes these various features;
- Interactive Playability
- Narration
- Games
- Puzzles
- Painting Activities
- A Music Video
Misty Island Rescue for the iPad is available for $5 in the US from the App Store on the iPad and on the iTunes website.

Callaway and Hit Entertainment will release the app for the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2011.


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  3. Since I'd installed this game...my iPad got hi-jacked by my second son, (who love Thomas so much) everyday! Now the iPad become one of his toys. :) It's really great game & activities for Child. Also really nice piece of artwork.