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Friday, 24 December 2010

'Misty Island Rescue' on YouTube kicks off

It is now Friday 24th December meaning that the Misty Island Rescue themed videos have now been given the green light on YouTube.

Kicking off the 4 week period is the Instrumental Version to the song and music video.

The video now on my Channel and has been released in conjunction with TheUnluckyTug02 to bring the video back onto YouTube, which was originally uploaded by Tug himself.
Now some of you may know that I will not do a Christmas video and I am very sorry if you were expecting one from me, but it wasn't possible.

With my new job at NEXT, college homework and other matters, I simply didn't have the time to make one and I couldn't even think of one, maybe next year guys.

But hey, the 4 MIR's will make up for Christmas, I promise! So that just leaves me to say; 31st December, New Years Eve, The return of the Music Videos, with Misty Island Rescue - REMIXED!

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