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Monday, 21 February 2011

Announcement: New YouTube video due

Yes everyone, I will be back with a new YouTube video following on from Misty Island Rescue.

The video will be my take on the All You Need music video from Season Fourteen, which has been planned since making the Misty Island Rescue videos.

It will feature scenes from Season Thirteen, Misty Island Rescue and Season Fourteen.
You have all probably guessed it but yes, the song will be remixed and extended which will make the 3-4 minute target on the song itself.

Currently, I am working on remixing the audio which is halfway through completion. After which, the clips will be compiled and added onto the video.

I have no idea when it will be released but I shall provide an update in due course.

Thomas & Friends - TheTopHatts' 'All You Need' - Season Fourteen Music Video Remix. Coming soon to YouTube.

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see it and good luck ;)