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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Take-n-Play Dart revealed at Toy Fair 2011

Day of the Diesels character and newcomer to the series Dart will be released as a Take-n-Play model.

In a YouTube video posted by ZooLert, while inspecting the Rumbling Gold Mine Run playset, Dart's sighting can be seen.
He is seen next to other Take-n-Play's; Butch, Jack and Percy. All of which were at New York's Toy Fair of 2011.

The Take-n-Play Dart hits toy shelves later this year.

Thanks to TMRReturns for the alert.


  1. Seems like they're releasing Butch as well, considering I can just about see the Search and Rescue logo

  2. I like the look of Dart I like the new take n play range compared to take along, if take along had done Dart he would have had a red buffer-beam instead of yellow and black hazard stripes I hope they do Den, Belle and Flynn two plus those two unnamed diesels you see in the trailer on you tube, Butch looks a lot more realistic than his take along model version too