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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Railway Series book No. 42 recieves working title

The SiF Fansite have revealed the working title for the next Railway Series book.

In an email sent to Egmont by SiF, the book company confirmed the present title; Thomas and His Friends, which possibly is subject to change.

Sadly, news regarding more new Railway Series books are distancing.

The Railway Series' 42nd book hits book shelves on July 4th 2011.


  1. the news concerning no new RWS books isn't really surprising. Kids weren't brought up with the Railway Series, so they probably wouldn't know what it was. That may be why recent books have had "Thomas" in the title; to show the kids that Thomas is in it. Plus, most kids these days don't read, they get stuck to a television, so learning that the TV tie-in books are doing well isn't surprising either.

    And I hate to put MORE of a damper on this, but when I went to HIT's head offices last year, the head of marketing said this book may be the last.

  2. @TPAT I agree with you I am almost Sure this will be the last. :( Chris Awdry is 70 now, and the Revernend stopped writing them when he was around 60. The RWS is a good example of a franchise being a victim of it's own success. :P