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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sodor to go fruity for Betty Crocker

There is to be a new set of fruit flavoured snacks in the US soon based on Thomas & Friends.

Betty Crocker Fruit Flavoured Snacks and Hit Entertainment have teamed up to produce the healthy snacks.

Vice President of US Consumer Products for the Thomas Division, Gabriela Arenas spoke of the launch; High quality and tasty options are as important to us as they are to the parents of all Thomas & Friends fans.

We are therefore thrilled to have the opportunity to work with General Mills, one of the largest and most trusted brands out there, to bring Thomas & Friends themed fruit flavored snacks to families.

The Marketing Manager for Betty Crocker, Ben Mand also contributed to the announcement; We love providing moms with deliciously fun fruit flavored snack options for their kids to enjoy, so we are pleased to offer Thomas & Friends Fruit Flavored Snacks.

The snacks will feature six characters mixed in with flavours including strawberry, orange and grape.

The Thomas & Friends Fruit Flavored Snacks will hit US supermarket retailers later this year in June.

1 comment:

  1. Huh. Since RR Gifts retired, so did the Brach'sThomas snacks. Can't wait to see them come back at the grocery store!