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Monday, 22 August 2011

A different Rescue for Japan's Misty Island

Inspired by their Misty Island Rescue, Japan are to release a compilation DVD about rescues.

ハプニング&レスキュ or Happenings & Rescues includes three episodes from the Ninth Series and three episodes from the Tenth Series.

Episodes include;
よわむし (Thomas and the Rainbow)
エドワードのしっぱい (Edward Strikes Out)
まほうのランプ (The Magic Lamp)
エドワードをすくえ (Saving Edward)
きかんしゃ (Wharf and Peace)
トーマスとたんじょうびのはいたつ (Thomas and the Birthday Mail)
Also included, as part of the inspiration is Japan's trailer for the Misty Island Rescue special as an extra.
ハプニング&レスキュ hits Japanese DVD shelves on August 24th 2011.

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