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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

'Steam Team Collection' content revealed

The upcoming US Steam Team Collection release will contain the four main DVD's of Season Thirteen.

In a similar vein to the complete Season Twelve's Adventure Pack, the collection includes only sixteen of the twenty Thirteenth Season episodes.

Splish, Splash, Splosh, The Lion of Sodor, Creaky Cranky and Thomas and the Runaway Kite star in the boxset.
The publicity synopsis for the boxset reads; It's the perfect holiday gift for your little engineer at an incredible price! Enjoy a trainload of fun and adventure with Thomas and his friends in stunning CG animation when this new collection of DVDs pulls into stores just in time for the holidays.

The all-new release Thomas & Friends: Steam Team Collection 4-DVD Pack, arrives November 15, 2011 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment for only $24.98.

Sixteen fun-filled tales - including exclusive content never before seen on TV - take you once again to the Island of Sodor to ride along with Thomas and all his engine friends as they play in the rain, make special deliveries, work together and celebrate friendship and good fun.

Steam Team Collections hits US DVD shelves on November 15th 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Kinda sad that this is only a collection of S13 DVDs. I guess I had high hopes when imagining it was a collection of classic and new series episodes focusing on each member of the Steam Team! :p

    Well, maybe one day...