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Friday, 5 August 2011

Nine engines and one crane join new sets

Ten new Trackmaster sets and one Take-n-Play have been revealed with many engines and one crane starring in some of them.

Thomas the Tank Engine starts off with Thomas at Pirate's Cove based on the Season Ten, Thomas and the Treasure episode. The Take-n-Play set has a fold-out function where it can be carried around anywhere.

It includes a model of Thomas with a flatbed carrying a treasure chest and tracks inside the product.
Thomas also gets more work via Trackmaster's Thomas' Snow Storm Adventure which includes the blue engine with his snowplough, a station and a complete track layout accompained by a snowy design.

3 Speed R/C involves Thomas, James the Red Engine and Spencer the Silver Engine in their own products where they are motorized by a remote control which has different speed functions from slow to medium to fast.

Previously available as a Take-n-Play set, Cranky and Flynn Save the Day has been immortalised for the Trackmaster range which has a tracks, a dark blue truck, a crate, a cage that carries Flynn from Cranky and a remote control.
Season Thirteen star Charlie travels along glow in the dark tracks while making his way to Maithwaite Station in Stormy Night in Sodor.

Popular character Victor leaves the Steamworks for the Rescue Centre with Sodor Search & Rescue Searchlight that has a spotlight powered by Victor's trail.

A Drawbridge can get lowered when a switch is hit for Percy to get through in Raise & Lower Drawbridge while Mavis has a midnight shift with Mavis' Late Night Track Repair.
Finally Rusty the Little Diesel returns to the Quarry accompained by a truck and a Rattle & Shake Coal Hopper.

The Take-n-Play and Trackmaster sets will be available in shops later this year worldwide.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

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