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Friday, 19 August 2011

Announcement: TheTopHatts teams with SiF & more

Now you may have seen on SiF's Fansite's news that their Episode Guide page has been renovated and is now revealed, there is also some other things that are being seen.

The Friday has delivered three things that has involved me such as my recent interview with Nicholas Jones now published on their website's Interviews page.
Also added, as part of their Season Fifteen page has linked my Season Fifteen on DVD? poll along with my blog now listed on the Friends of SiF Links.

All of this was down to agreements with me and Ryan from SiF who I am thanking tremendously for getting my website recognised further and further while at the same time, me contributing to the Fansite.
To celebrate, the new background which I promised has been revealed on the blog which includes all the main characters from the TV Series with ones from the model era that I will update to their CGI states when happend.

The images of the characters are coupled with a Railway Series-esque art implementation which I wanted to do as if the blog is giving out the message in saying, This blog is not only for the TV Series fans...

The updates on the SiF website are now available.

Thank you Ryan and SiF,
from TheTopHatts.

What do you think of the announcement and what's your view on the new background?
Send a comment to this post below.

1 comment:

  1. Hey there!
    I'll be glad to say congratulations for being affiliated with Sodor Island Community, among the other things these sites like SiFansite and Roll Along Blog for which I support for what brings good news, in regards of the Thomas fan base.

    And as for the interview with Nicholas Jones, you're lucky son of a gun! :)

    And finally, keep up a good work!

    your sincerely
    Daniel. C (Dan5589/BusterTheSteamroller)