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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Exclusive Report: 'Blue Mountain Engines' opening

Last Wednesday on August 3rd 2011 saw the opening of the new Blue Mountain Engines ride in Drayton Manor's Thomas Land, UK.

The ride originally scheduled for it's opening on May 28th has been running ever since. I spoke to my friend Michael Evans known as YouTuber Thomasfan8 who came to see it with an accomplice on the day of it's arrival.
During my visit to Thomas Land with TOPPictures on Wednesday last week, I discovered that the Skarloey Railway ride is now up and running., said Evans.

It was totally unexpected but it was up and running with a parent and child restriction per engine for supervision purposes.
There is a space in the boiler and the cab, preferably the children sit inside the boiler as the adult(s) situate themselves in the cab, however this was not essential.

The same goes for the front and back of the trucks. Far too smaller ride for us but similar to the diesels ride.

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