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Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Blue Mountain' site's products page teases special more

The Blue Mountain Mystery mini website has been updated once again for a grilling on some of the products released.

In the newly created products tab under the homepage, themed merchandise such as toys and books can be viewed for definement.

At least a few tease moments that are to occur in the one hour episode. A 35 piece jigsaw puzzle depicts an artistic work of Luke, Thomas and Owen on the cover but also sights Harold in the morning sky.
Although not seen in the special's trailer, Harold's befuddled inclusion in the puzzle promises an apparent screen contribution. Join Thomas & Friends Luke, Owen and Harold on this high quality 35 piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle.
While sets were awoken in discoveries, explanations on four of them were not passed. The above site however has done the opposite, starting with Hideaway Luke which involves a recently mention dynamite load.

Thomas is surprised to discover an elusive little engine named Luke. Luke isn't just hiding himself, he's also hiding a big secret! Can Thomas solve the mystery behind his newest friend? Luke pulls a dynamite car and cargo car.
Paxton in Trouble meanwhile, ignites a dramatic plot to ensue him; Paxton is hard at work at the Blue Mountain Quarry when trouble arises.

Blondin Bridge is falling down and parts of it fall on Paxton! Paxton pulls Blue Mountain Quarry slate cargo cars.

Contrary to speculation, the Rheneas' New Coat of Paint incident confirms expectations; Rheneas is working hard in the mines at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

After a few too many biffs, bashes, and scrapes, Rheneas is rewarded with a new coat of paint. Rheneas pulls two Blue Mountain Quarry cars.
Lastly and originally showcased at the New York Toy Fair in February 2012 is the steep playset now titled, Thomas' Darin' Drop which is teased to be a key moment in the movie.

Working at the Blue Mountain Quarry is a big adventure for Thomas, and the Risky Rails Bridge Drop takes the daring action to new heights! Thomas carries the boulder up the winding Blue Mountain Quarry track.

Send it down the chute and zooming across the cargo zip-line with help from Merrick the crane. As Thomas chugs back down the track, the bridge collapses!

Will Thomas be able to travel these risky rails safely? It's the tallest TrackMaster set yet! Includes a motorised Thomas engine.

The Blue Mountain Mystery products hit toy shevles worldwide now.


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