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Friday, 27 July 2012

New Season Sixteen DVD spills 'Christmas Express' plot

The first DVD to carry episodes from the Sixteenth Series has been announced for an October release date.

A Very Thomas Christmas is a brand new DVD by Lionsgate Entertainment to premiere in the US for the Autumn.

Hit Entertainment previously revealed to Roll Along Thomas about the recent episodes' inclusion on future home video titles, especially for Great Britain.
The front cover art presents a newly created promo showing Thomas idling on winter tracks while being surrounded by presents and a snowman.

Announced by DVD.Empire.com, four stories from the 2012 season star on the disc. One of the tales included is the forthcoming, The Christmas Express.

Due for a Christmas transmission on British and Australian television, the episode's summary had never been revealed, till now.

Originally to have come before Don't Bother Victor!, The Christmas Express stars the engines on the narrow gauge railway, now serving as the first of two narrow gauge stories in the most recent series.
A teaser shot that depicted Toby and Rheneas, was published in a recent UK magazine issue. Ho Ho Snowman, Salty's Surprise and Emily's Winter Party Special follow the aforementioned subject on the 48 minute disc.

The definement tells; All aboard for a special holiday delivery filled with friendship, teamwork and fun! Rheneas picks the perfect Christmas tree when he finally stops to smell the evergreen.

Charlie knows how fun snow can be and discovers that teamwork-in-the-snow is the most fun of all. Edward gets Salty just what he asked for - the perfect story to re-tell -- and Emily learns the best way to be Really Useful.

Unwrap the holiday adventures with Thomas and his friends and best wishes for a very Thomas Christmas! 

A Very Thomas Christmas from Lionsgate Entertainment hits US DVD shelves on October 9th 2012.

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