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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Exclusive: Unmade 'Jack and the Pack' story revealed

A story from the Jack and the Pack spinoff series that never made it past the production stage has emerged.

Originally to have been made by On Site with Thomas writer, Will Ing, Friendship Story was an episode that existed during the creative development of the spinoff before being omitted.

Ing's online CV mentions Jack and the Pack by defining his involvement; Two episodes of the new children’s series for Gullane Entertainment, the makers of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, 2002.
Roll Along Thomas can reveal a response sent by Ing's agent, Casarotto about what occurred during production.

Will was contracted to write for 2 episodes of 'Jack and the Pack'. The agreements were dated 27th March and 27th May 2002 respectively.

One of the agreements was for an episode called 'Friendship Story' and the other was then untitled, but subsequent correspondence suggests it was 'Whose the Boss'.

The series made between 2002 and 2003, which never made it to viewers until its belated DVD release in 2006's Thomas' Trusty Friends, is now believed to have originally been concieved as a fifteen part season.

Whose the Boss went on to become the existing On Site with Thomas tale whilst alongside the ill-fated Friendship Story, the lost No Dozer is an Island was also divulged to have been another victim aswell.

Thanks to SteamTeam.

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